​Slab Repair

Concrete slabs are usually one of the more durable types of floors or roads for that matter. From time to time though there are certain factors that could lead them to crack or break. When that happens you are going to want the right type of guys on the job. A lot of times paving companies might not be the best choice. We are not saying that paving companies are not good at what they do. The thing is if you have a major problem they just may not be equipped properly to be able to handle some of the toughest situations out there.

Spotting The True Problem

When you see that your concrete floors are beginning to crack you should not just ignore these signs completely. It may seem like something obvious to say, but time and time again people just ignore the cracks and then they end up having more difficult problems. There are two main problems that you could be facing when you have this type of problem. Either the surface under the concrete has shifted and this has caused the concrete to break or your concrete surface is just too old! Finding out the true nature of the problem is the only real way that you will be able to fix it properly!

Going To Work Underground

As we kind of hinted a little earlier, you could say that most of the times when we get calls from people who require this service, things have gotten a bit out of hand. What we will have to do is literally break through the concrete and have a look at the original soil to see where the problem may be originating. In these cases almost as a general rule, we will have to even out the surface before we go ahead and place a new concrete slab.

How Long Should Concrete Floors Last?

There are plenty of companies out there that are going to promise that their floors on your property are going to last more on this earth than you could ever imagine. A lot of the numbers been thrown out there indicate that concrete should last north of fifty years. That is not exactly true though. There are different factors that will come into play that could affect the lifespan of your floors. Check all your warranties and if you happen to see that your floors are cracking give us a call!

Roads That Just Won’t Stick

There are certain areas that make building a road virtually impossible. That is because the soil movement in that area is just too much for regular concrete to handle. If you have one of those problems where you constantly find yourself having to get your concrete floors repaired and pier beam repair give us a call. We may just be the service that could end the yearly visits from your paving company. We make sure that the ground below if fully fit to handle the concrete that will be laid on top of it!