Your home’s foundation is virtually the most important part of your home. Since it is the structure that holds everything together. There are plenty of situations out there though that could lead to your foundation’s failure. While a total collapse may not be something that will happen overnight knowing how to spot certain issues and fix them before they become a major problem is essential to keeping your home or building in the right position. At Marshall Foundation Repair we have been repairing foundations and working on different types of structures for many years now. We hope to be your go-to foundation repair service for many years to come!

About Us

We are a company that is filled with some of the top professionals in the business. That allows us to really expand the number of services that we offer and actually be able to help you literally in more creative ways. As a company though we do not believe that, this should be want defines us. If we had to pick something for people to know us by it would be a company that has the customers best interest at heart all of the time. We know that a lot of the people that we work with are not engineering experts. Yet we are honest about the services that we provide we won’t recommend certain things when we know they are not necessary. We want to work together with you and be honest about it!
As we have mentioned we have expanded our services quite a bit over the years. These days we are not only able to help people that experiencing foundation issues. We can now also help those who have other types of problems like cracked floors and walls, we repair drains. These are issues that can actually present themselves as a result of a faulty foundation. They are in themselves also problems that are going to need fixing. What better way to kill two birds with one stone than to go with one company that can literally help you with anything!

​Slab Repair

Concrete slabs are some of the sturdiest materials that you can make a floor out of. That is not something that we are doubting. The problem usually originates underneath the concrete. If there is constant movement in the soil the concrete will tear and break. When this happens you are bound to need a repair job. Your best bet, in that case, is to give us a call!

Pier & Beam Repair

These types of foundations we could say still incorporate a system that has been used for years and years. They are essentially made of a wooden structure that is held up by different types of support systems. As you can imagine these support systems can wear down over time. This can literally cause your home to shift from its natural position. As we talked about with concrete a lot of the issues can come thanks to excessive erosion in the soil. Having a bad drainage system will also not help your cause in this regard. If you need to make sure that your home can stay upright for years to come then make sure to contact us so we can lend you a hand.

​House Leveling

If you need to get your house back to a level playing field you are going to want to talk to the experts. For the most part, we like it when we are able to spot an issue before it gets to the point where we are going to have to come in and actually make an effort to get the house back on even territory. If you feel that your home is literally slipping away though do not wait. The quicker you get help the more likely we are to be able to actually help!

Commercial Foundation Repair

Obviously, our services are not limited to homes. We also provide foundation repair services for commercial buildings. In these cases, there is usually a lot more paperwork that needs to get done and plans that we have to oversee. Especially if we are planning to shut a building down for a couple of weeks. If you have one of these problems you are surely going to want to talk to experts on the matter!

​Root Barrier

You sometimes need to build root barriers to make sure that rainwater or even drainage flows through your property correctly without causing any damages. A lot of times that is easier said than done though. Going in and providing the right design that fits your property specifically is key.

Drainage Services

Speaking of water flowing through your home! We understand that at times all that we want to do when we throw things down the drain is to completely forget about them. When those things come back to bite you though, the sight is not a pretty one at all! If you are already experiencing things like backflow issues you should not hesitate to call! We can help make sure that your drain is getting water and wastes to their proper destinations.

I’ll put it to you this way, the guys at Marshall Foundation Repair saved my home. Without them, I would not have a home right now. So, obviously, I believe that if you have a severe foundation issue you should at least give them a call! It worked for me!
 – Lindsay R.

Don’t take those cracks in your walls or floors lightly. I did and it was a very bad idea on my part. Before I knew it my home needed a major renovation. Luckily after shopping around, I found a company that could literally take care of the entire project. That company was, of course, Marshall Foundation Repair!
 – Aaron F.

These guys provide free estimates. There is really no reason that you should live with any doubts get your home checked out and make sure that you are playing it safe, call Marshall Foundation Repair!
 – Andrew W. 

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​We have already recommended that you give us a call on numerous occasions in the last couple of paragraphs. We stilled figured that reminding you one more time to call or contact us if you are looking for a company to provide any of the services that we offer would not be such a bad idea on our part. So, if you need our help call or contact us!