House Leveling


This is one of the processes where we have to artificially lift a home to make sure that it can be evened out and stay upright for a longer period of time. This is only one of the options available when you have foundation issues. Usually, this process is done to homes that have already had severe issues with their foundation or are having a very hard time dealing with soil that is constantly shifting. Finding the right solution to your foundation issue is key obviously in making sure that your home is going to return to what it once was. We want to help you bring your home to even platform, literally!

Block and Base or Pier Beam

This is one of the things that we think is important that we clear up. Just because we do not have a block and base service page does not mean that we do not work on these types of foundations. A lot of times our house leveling projects are for homes with a block and base foundation. That said, the process is basically very similar. What we will do is use a jack to lift it up and get it back to an even playing field so to speak.

Larger Home or Buildings

A lot of people have various questions about the size of homes that we can work on. The process of working on larger homes is at times a bit different than what it would be on smaller homes. These larger buildings will have their weight distributed not as evenly as you may think depending on the original design of the home. That being said that does not mean that they are out of our reach so to speak. We can level all sorts of homes and buildings.

Are The Hydraulic Machines Permanent?

At times to be able to properly level homes what we are going to need to do is lift them up as we have already explained. What people want to know is if those machines that lift them up are going to be permanent or not. Usually no, what we are going to try and do is lift the home up then add a support system that can hold the home at that position. Yet, the machines that lifted the home up in the first place are ultimately going to be removed.

How Much Is It Going To Cost?

We have talked in other areas of the site how what we actually want to do is provide our clients with as many options as we can. You are going to be the one that is ultimately going to decide what is best for your property in the long run. Although we try to keep our prices as affordable as can be and we actually provide free estimates we understand that at times a lot of people may not want to consider this process. All we can say is that we will provide an expert opinion, but ultimately you are going to decide what you want to do!