Pier & Beam Repair


Pier and beam foundations are sort of like the granddaddy of all foundations. Even though a lot of the foundations that we see being built these days are not strictly pier and beam foundations a lot of the concepts remain and therefore we are also able to fix them up. That being said, we want to talk a little about pier and beam foundations because around here we still find a lot of homes that were built under this concept. Finding the right company to work on your foundation can be very difficult. A lot of the major companies that have a national presence will without a doubt do a great job, but more often than not the bill that you are going to have to pay may even have you considering tearing the house down! In other cases, cheaper companies just cannot provide the quality you need.

Finding The Middle Ground

We are usually not too fond of speaking about prices on the second paragraph of any page. Yet, in this case, we figured it was a good idea because we did not want to lose the idea that we had going in the last paragraph. We are a company that you can actually demand quality out of, but at the same time, we are trying to find ways to give you an affordable service. We have all of the tools necessary to provide these services and you won’t have to break the bank to hire us!

Major Repairs

There are situations that we have been involved in that see us come into a home that is basically broken and falling over. There is really no other way to describe this. The foundation has failed and the home is literally holding on for dear life. In these cases, the first that we need to do is set up temporary supports systems that could come in the form of hydraulic support machines to actually lift the home off the ground.

Making A Smart Decision

Once we lift the home off the ground we can remove a lot of the existing support systems and try to replace them with new ones or add support on another side of the building. As we have said a lot of the problems that we deal with have to do with soil erosion. So, we may want to address that issue as well before we set a home back up. If we know that the soil is going to shift again and you are going to find yourself back in some trouble you may want to think about tearing down the property altogether. That is where smart decision making comes in!

What Is Our Goal?

The first thing that we want to do is lay out all of the best options that you would have available. Of course, our intentions are always going to be to make sure we get your home back upright. If we do not think that we can do that though we may even suggest tearing it down!