Root Barrier

Root barriers are a great way to make sure that concrete structures, soil, trees, and plants can coexist. Here is where the issue lays though. A lot of people are leading others to believe that installing root barriers is super easy. There are a million videos on Youtube that explain to you how to get the job done on your own. We don’t want to sound like haters and say that these guys on Youtube are killing our business. The thing is we have had a lot of cases that people end up having to give us a call because their attempt at building a root barrier ultimately failed! We want to let you know what we do differently and how that can ultimately be the difference for you!

Knowing Your Roots

No, we are not about to give a psychology talk about knowing where you come from! That is not the case! What we mean by this is knowing where the roots run. That is a bit easier said than done as a lot of people will want to start digging to find the answer right away. When you have a tree that is basically already matured completely and you do not have root issues you may just want to leave it be. Making those hard decisions is also in the job!

What Type of Root Barrier Do You Need?

Do you know that there are different possibilities when it comes to root barriers? A lot of people want to oversimplify this process. You dig a hole you put like a plastic plate in between the soil and the concrete and your done right? Not quite to be honest. Again, you have to find the type of root barrier that you know can work well for that specific area. Doing some research before going ahead to start digging could be a good idea!

Starting Out Quickly

In our minds, the best moment to actually go in and build a root barrier has to be at the very beginning when your tree is developing. That way you can actually alter the way that its roots may grow from the start. That is actually better for the tree as it will be able to adapt to its environment quickly. For the concrete or other structures, it is also great news. As you will not be fixing things up on the fly, but preventing them from happening.

No Damage To Neighboring Structures

This is one of the main things that we want to make sure that we can fulfill in these services. We don’t want you to have to repair the grass or the concrete when we are done. So our drainage services are usually very careful. We dig as little as we can. Again that is something that at times may seem like a lie, but we promise we try to dig as little as we can as long as we can make sure that the root barrier will be effective!